The last frontier

Canadian adventurers Claudia Riverin and Claude Auchu had set themselves the goal of travelling along all the major routes in the far north of America within five years. Now the project is finished, the crowning finale was a 9000-kilometre tour up to Alaska.

Denali Highway

With an average slightly above 10˚C per day, sometimes 0˚C to leave in the morning, it was cold & rainy most of the time but fantastic! Nearly 9000 kilometres travelled across British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska and Alberta over 21 days.

The perfect adventure for us putting again, the entire Touratech product range to the test. On the gear side, we ride with the Touratech Aventuro Dual-Sport Helmet and we love it because its comfortable, lightweight and beautiful. I ride with the Touratech Companero Summer suit, its air ventilation makes it efficient everywhere and its Goretex rain layer is simply the best of its class. On the motorbike parts side, I probably bought everything, hahah! From the skid plate, rad guard, windshield to the suspensions and all king of bags and pannier.

The best time of the year to travel to Alaska is probably from July to mid-August. It is necessary to bring several layers of clothing because the temperature changes regularly and quickly. We travel in complete autonomy, which means that we carry our camping and food items as well as everything it takes to cook. We had to have supper around 8pm several times, after having completed our day's ride, set up the tent and canvas, organize our stock and check the condition of the bikes. God it was cold eating outsidet! We also have our mechanical tools and the necessary to repair punctures including a compressor.

Riders on the water

Leaving Vancouver to go up to Alaska, we decided to spend 2 days on a ferry. It is a common and efficient means of transportation in this part of the country because there are many villages along the sea and often inaccessible by road. From Prince Rupert to Skagway, one of the stops is the village of Ketchikan. Historic Creek Street is one of the most popular things to see there. Better known in the mid 20’s for fishermen, bootleggers, & prostitutes, Creek Street is today a place to shop, eat, & watch salmon as they make their way up the stream.

Denali National Park

Having been so well equipped for several years, our adventure could only be memorable once again. Home to North America’s tallest peak, the Denali National Park was the main feature of this adventure. We stayed in the park for 2 days and 2 nights, went up to the end of the Park Road, did some hiking and visited the surroundings.

The park has only one entrance and only one road. It is 92 miles long and its mostly made of dirt and gravel. (not accessible with our own vehicle though) For our entire stay, we were very lucky to have a clear sky most of the time and perfect view of the Denali Mountain and its summit.

To fly over the Denali Mountain, we took the Talkeetna Air Taxi - The Glacier Landing Company. We went to the village of Talkeetna, a beautiful historic village that was chosen as a district headquarters for the Alaska Railroad in the early 1900’s.

Hatcher Pass

The riding crush was the moment spent crossing the Hatcher pass. It's simply beautiful and incomparable. Everything you wish to have in an adventure trip is here.

The gravel roads are in good condition and they are winding and the Talkeetna mountainous scenery is enchanting. The landscape is breathtaking, a bit deserted, largely wild and you can see far away, which I particularly appreciate.
And the best thing about it is that there is hardly anyone there!

Cant’t wait to travel again. The magic is out there… Cheers!

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